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Who We Are

When Carlos Quinones founded Display America (DA) nearly two decades ago, he was focused on providing tactical support for businesses in need of trade show displays in Atlanta, with items such as pop-ups, banners, and booths for events and trade shows. DA has evolved from the tactical approach of its early days to become a full-service provider with end to end solutions. As a strategic partner, DA designs and executes brand-driven, customer-focused exhibits, events, and experiences with a turnkey approach that is always strategic, seamless, and simple.

The DA team is a rapidly growing group of innovators and creators who are passionate about using out of the box marketing and strategic solutions that deliver great interactions for clients and their customers.


DA understands that there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to trade show and event marketing. An initial assessment will explore the unique qualities and needs of your organization and target market, allowing DA to execute a strategy customized to you. Companies of all sizes and industries trust DA to deliver brand-driven, customer-focused trade show displays, events, and experiences.

Companies partnering with DA include:

Quantum Secure
Office Depot
Pajunk Medical Systems
SBA Communications
Atkore International
Gum Creek Customs
Hokuyo USA
Transglobal Energy
ProForce Equipment
Mikart Pharmaceuticals
Western Dental

DA creates strategic solutions that are customized to your organization’s size, industry, customer, and marketing goals.

Our Clients

A Great Experience with Measurable Results

Trade show attendees want to get involved with and excited about your brand… but if you haven’t done anything to stand out, those potential buyers will walk right by your booth without even noticing you.

Founder and President Carlos Quiñones provides a look at how DA helps businesses use interactive technologies and intentional trade show marketing strategies with customer interaction display to stand out from the competition.

Company Wide Passion

“I’ve finally found a place that really cares about the needs of the customer, and that is so critical in the trade show industry."

Every member of the DA team shares in a common passion and vision to see your business succeed on the trade show floor. Hear from those responsible for our strategic, seamless, and simple solutions.


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