Freestanding iPad Stand- Black
The Freestanding iPad Stand is a smart, lightweight and portable holder used to display the iPad 2nd, 3rd, 4th generations, and Air models. It can be positioned in either portrait or landscape configurations for versatility in what is displayed. Security...
Trolley Roller
The Trolley Roller is ideal to use with portable Embrace and Hopup displays. Simply slip the pocket of the Embrace or Hopup bag over the vertical bars and you have a portable, wheeled way to haul your display! Perfect for...
Universal Tablet Stand
The Universal Tablet Stand is a versatile tablet stand that can hold numerous tablet styles. It can be positioned in either portrait or landscape configurations. Security screws and lock make the unit both durable and theft resistant. For extra security,...
Oasis Exhibit Bag Holder
The Oasis Exhibit bag holder  is just what you need to give your display setting a comfortable feel. This 3 arm bag holder is collapsible for easy storage and transport. It comes in a shiny silver finish. Features: -.-3 arms...
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