Our Mission

Brand-Driven, Customer-Focused Exhibits, Events and Experiences

Far too many businesses participate in conferences, trade shows and exhibitions merely because they feel they have to or because their competition is doing it. This is a very defensive approach and, quite frankly, we know you are better than that. That’s why our mission at Display America is to design and develop a unique exhibit solution for your company that is strategic, seamless and simple.

When you want to build a strong brand, foster client loyalty, and exceed your marketing expectations, it’s time to take the offensive. To get the awareness you want, you need a strategic partner who can transform your exhibit and create a compelling experience that maximizes the value and worth of your corporate identity in face-to-face settings.

At DA, we are passionate about partnering with you for an offensive strategy that will transform your trade show exhibits with an authentic brand experience that is strategic, seamless, and simple.

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Our Core Goals

When you choose our brand design company as your partner, we work with you to design brand-driven and customer focused exhibits, events, and experiences. We accomplish this with a number of marketing goals and values, including:


Your brand is your voice and is what sets you apart from your competition. We tailor our strategy to tell your company’s narrative in that voice.


We work closely with you to create a strategic experience, for your specific brand and clients.


We design unique solutions motivated by the needs and desires of your customers. We become experts on your target market to ensure every aspect of your exhibit display establishes an authentic and lasting connection with your current and future clients.


From the preliminary design to final delivery of your display, we provide full-service execution of your marketing and event strategies. We cooperate with you every step of the way to build the perfect experience for your customer.


Exhibits, events, and experiences are the perfect opportunity to move beyond the white noise of traditional marketing, and we equip you for face-to-face connections that will maximize your impact in this space.


We strive to always deliver on budget, on time, and on target. We provide a singular contact for all of your trade show needs. We manage every logistical detail, and our marketing platform ensures your energies are focused on your customer, not your exhibit.


DA partners with businesses of all sizes and across many industries to strategically, seamlessly, and simply transform brand experiences. Contact us when you are looking for a top-of-the-line marketing strategy for your next trade show exhibit. We proudly serve clients throughout Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas.

Transform Your Brand Experience With Our End-to-End Solutions