DA Grows in Response to Shifts in the Trade Show Industry

Old School Trade Show Marketing

Trade show marketing used to be so simple… right? You simply scanned a catalog, picked out your display or sign, and ordered it.

But was it truly simple? Under this traditional system, the burden was on the business to figure out how to make a template ordered from a magazine fit their brand. Once it arrived, they were responsible for storing, transporting, setting up, and maintaining their signs and displays.

Display companies offered little to no support, and as a result, businesses’ trade show marketing strategies suffered.

At best, companies were hobbling together a display they hoped would communicate their brand and then dedicated massive amounts of staff time and energy to pull it off. At worst, they quit showing up altogether.

Most businesses fell somewhere in the middle, picking out something that was “good enough” and rolling into the trade show simply because their competitors were doing it.

The old school method was neither simple nor effective, and companies began looking for ways to truly maximize on the opportunities for face-to-face marketing with customers and prospects.

Companies Seek to Maximize Trade Show ROI

In the last few years, businesses of all sizes and across all industries have begun to realize just how much they’ve been leaving on the table at trade shows and other face-to-face events.

As those companies seek out ways to maximize their ROI, everything is changing for the trade show industry.

Catalogs of standardized options no longer suffice. Companies need end-to-end support to create, order, execute, and manage unique brand experiences. They no longer want a company that will simply process an order.

They want a strategic partner who can help them elevate their brand and stand out from—not show up beside—the competition. However, they also need turnkey solutions that will decrease, not increase, the demand on their employees’ energy, creativity, and time.

DA’s Response to a Shifting Industry

DA will be offering expanded services to those clients who are ready to “Trade Up” by taking their trade show and marketing strategies to the next level.

DA’s broadened capabilities will include a new website, new hires, and a new Creative Studio. Clients will have access to experts in branding, marketing, and video production, yet continue to enjoy the simple and streamlined process of having one point of communication for all of their trade show marketing needs.

Clients will find that DA’s solutions incorporate the latest in interactive technology and branding knowledge, while still remaining strategic, seamless, and simple in their execution. Businesses who turn to DA for a strategic partnership are finding they can do less work on their own while accomplishing more at trade show and events.

As DA takes on the burden of designing and executing a unique brand experience, the business’s employees can focus on delivering excellent products, experiences, and customer service to the customers they meet at events.

As branding strategies, interactive technologies, and trade show marketing continues to evolve, DA is committed to staying on the cutting edge of the industry. As a result, their clients will continue to stand out, elevate their brand, and maximize their ROI—all while doing less work on their trade show displays than they’ve ever done before.

What has been your biggest frustration with the “old school” method of choosing your display from a catalog? What goals do you have for your trade show and event marketing in a rapidly changing industry?

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