Display America Responds to Cries for Branding Help

Display America has announced a total overhaul of its brand, website, and services—starting with a new name: DA. After two decades of providing tactical support, pop-ups, and banners for trade shows and exhibits, DA discovered a shift in the needs of their clients.

 Carlos Quiñones, president and CEO of DA, explains, “Our world is saturated with advertisements. Businesses are realizing that face-to-face marketing is the best way to break through all of that white noise and create personal, unforgettable connections with customers.” As businesses seek out these authentic connections at trade shows and events, many are turning to DA for interactive technologies and branding strategies to update their approach.

Quiñones explains, “Both large international corporations and small, locally-owned businesses are looking for new ways to stand out from their competition in trade shows. We are providing businesses of all sizes with seamless, end-to-end solutions so that they can have a single point of contact for every step of the process.” DA’s response to those cries for help includes an updated brand, expanded services, and a larger team of experts to meet clients’ needs. As a strategic partner, DA collaborates with businesses to create unique brand experiences that are strategic, seamless, and simple in their execution. Many businesses see DA’s new approach as the answer they’ve been looking for and are taking advantage of the expanded services to maximize their impact in face-to-face marketing. DA’s rebranding includes: 

  • New website: DA will be producing videos to better showcase the authentic brand experiences they create for clients.
  • New hires: DA is bringing on experts in branding, marketing, and video production for a 360° approach to creative marketing.
  • New studio: Scheduled to launch in 2017, the DA Creative Studio will showcase the latest interactive technologies and branding strategies, as well as house a full creative team.

The rise of the Internet and new technologies has radically transformed the world of marketing in the last 20 years. Those changes have moved beyond the TV, computer, and smartphone screen to even cause a shift in face-to-face marketing. DA’s updated brand and expanded services will help businesses stay on the forefront of customers’ minds, long after they leave the trade show and re-enter a technologically-driven, advertisement-saturated world.

About Display America: DA designs end-to-end marketing solutions that are brand-driven and customer-focused to maximize clients’ impact at trade shows and events. As a strategic partner, DA provides full-service execution, managing every logistical detail. The strategic, seamless, and simple approach helps clients increase ROI and boost brand loyalty for long term success.

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