How to do exhibit marketing—without breaking a sweat

Have you ever gone to a conference and thought, “Why were we at this conference? I don’t think we got any sales leads.” After all of your hard work, it can be deflating to see that your trade show efforts didn’t produce business.

The good news is that you can do exhibit marketing without breaking a sweat. Now is the time to start strategizing instead of surface-level planning for your next trade show. Follow these tips to plan an easy and fun trade show exhibit that will have you rolling in new business.

Know the audience

What kind of attendees will be at the conference? No matter the industry, every trade show attracts a different type of attendee. Know what they’re expecting so you can deliver what they need.

For example, are the attendees C-suite decision-makers or junior-level creatives? You can easily get this information from the event exhibitor to learn about your audience before you go.

Tailor everything from your pitch, booth layout, and materials to best appeal to your audience for this conference.

Set your goals

You can’t go to a trade show without goals. If you do, you have no yardstick to measure success or failure.

Set SMART goals that are specific and time-sensitive. For example, you might set a goal to bring in three new customers valued at $5,000 from the trade show one month after the event. With this SMART goal, it’s easy to measure whether you hit your goal or not. It’s clearer than goals like “find more customers” or “grow our authority.”

Remember, your goal will be different depending on the trade show audience. Adjust your goals according to the people you’re marketing to.

Create an amazing display

Your trade show booth is critical to attracting attendees’ interest on a crowded trade show floor. Let the booth do the selling for you.

Create a space that’s inviting, innovative, and engaging for attendees. Think about games, giveaways, contests, activities, and social lounge areas to attract attendees and make them feel at home.

But remember, your display booth must tie in directly with your exhibit marketing goals. Every aspect of your booth should drive attendees to interact with your brand.

Set up a CRM

You need to get a return on your investment at a trade show. That’s why you shouldn’t collect leads in a stack of business cards. This antiquated method is a recipe for diminishing your returns.

Instead, set up a system to track leads and manage sales. A CRM, or customer relationship management platform, is perfect for the job.

Log all of your prospects’ information into the CRM during the trade show. You’ll automatically receive reminders to call or email the prospect. You can even store notes, emails, and a phone log in the CRM. It’s the best way to ensure follow-through.

The bottom line

Nothing replaces the power of meeting customers face to face. With careful strategy, your exhibit marketing can connect you with more potential customers. Plan ahead to make your exhibit marketing as easy as possible. Bring in more leads and grow your business without breaking a sweat.

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