How to Personalize Exhibit Rentals to Fit Your Brand

While many businesses prefer to invest in a fully-customized display that is theirs to keep, others will find rentals a better option. If you’re looking for more flexibility from one event to the next or only plan to attend one or two events annually, a rental may be the right fit for youRenting an exhibit doesn’t mean you have to settle on the experience you offer. It’s still important to design a brand-driven, customer-focused display that will maximize your ROI and keep you at the forefront of your prospects’ minds.

Read on to learn how you can personalize your exhibit rental to fit your brand and achieve your marketing goals.

Define Your Brand

Before you can design a brand-driven exhibit, you have to start by defining your brand. This goes far beyond selecting your colors and logo, though those are certainly important details. Sit down with your team to clarify who you are as a company and what brand identity you hope to put forth. After all, your brand is how you communicate who you are to customers and prospects. It is your look-and-feel, but it’s also your voice and the experience you offer.  

For example, is your organization cutting edge and creative or do you pride yourselves on being traditional and proven in your industry? What about your employees? Do they offer one-on-one relational support to your customers? Are they seen as experts with a wealth of professional knowledge?  Questions like these will guide you and your team in defining who you are and designing an event experience that reflects your unique brand.

Customize the Look of Your Exhibit

Some business owners are worried that a rental display will appear generic and fail to stand out on the trade show floor. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. Even with rental components, you’ll have the option to customize your display with your brand message, colors, style, and more. If you’re tempted to use your rental as an opportunity to test out a new branding approach, you may want to think twice. Consistency is extremely important in branding, so it’s important that the visual elements you choose match the rest of your company, from your business cards and email signatures to your website and social media profiles.  This consistency won’t make you boring or predictable. Instead, it will send a message to prospects that you are a dependable organization that will be available to them for the long haul. It lets them know that they can expect consistency in not only your branding but also your customer service and product.

Customize the Feel of Your Exhibit Environment

As you work on customizing the look of your booth, you’ll also want to take the “feel” into account. In other words, how do you want visitors to perceive your brand? How do you want prospective customers to feel during and after their time with you? Your answer to that question can shape decisions that will further customize your exhibit environment to fit your brand.

There are many important details that make up the overall experience, including an event theme, a featured speaker, staff attire or something for visitors to take home with them. Each of these details matters and will send messages to your prospects about your brand.

Customize the Technology in Your Display

For many businesses, renting a display allows for some extra room in the marketing budget. If that’s the case for you, you may want to use those funds to include some cutting edge technology in your exhibit.  This doesn’t mean you should rent every single piece of technology we have just because it’s available. Instead, we’ll work with you to help you choose the technology that’s right for your company and event. From tablets and interactive theaters to AR and VR, we have everything you need to customize your space with technology that fits your brand. Namely, you’ll want to select technology that is strategic, seamless, and simple. This will widen your brand’s impact, enhance your customer’s experience, and ultimately maximize your ROI by increasing conversions and closing more sales.

Personalizing an Exhibit Rental for Your Next Event

Rental displays, just like purchased displays, can and should be built around your brand and your customer. If you need help researching what will resonate with your audience or simply want support in personalizing your rental to fit your brand, we can help.  Our trade show consultants are available to guide you through a successful event with a turnkey solution that fits your brand serves your customer and maximizes your trade show ROI. Contact us today to learn more.

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