Need inspiration? Check out these amazing trade show displays

One of the biggest hurdles to designing a trade show booth is finding the right design for your brand. When you partner with a display company like Display America, the options are so open and limitless that it can be hard to know where to start.

Check out a few of Display America’s recent trade show booths. Get inspired and create a trade show exhibit that highlights your brand’s unique personality.

Glico (Pocky)

Food company Glico hired Display America to create a fun, colorful booth for their product, Pocky, which are snack-sized biscuit sticks.

With fun colors and playful backlit graphics, this display was a hit on the trade show floor. Wood shelving makes the booth more comfortable and inviting for visitors. Counters and hidden storage gave booth attendants plenty of space.

Glico also added a welcoming area for conversations, as well as a kiosk and literature rack for marketing materials.

Discover Puerto Rico

Do you feel transported to the Caribbean yet? That was the goal of this luxurious booth for Discover Puerto Rico.

Our team built this 20’x50’ display to get attention on the trade show floor. We built the design vertically to stand out. The crown jewel is a 360-degree screen that welcomes visitors to a little tropical oasis.

Inside the booth, we set up plenty of comfortable seating to invite visitors to relax and engage with the brand.

Riverbend Foods

Riverbend Foods wanted to stand out every time they went to a conference. That’s why we went with this unique and eye-catching backwall. The backwall was built on a slant and features high-quality fabric graphics, as well as counters.

The design included clear shelving to highlight Riverbend’s products and comfortable seating for booth visitors.

Appearance Group

Wow! If you want to feel like you’re in heaven, the Appearance Group’s booth is the way to go. We built this design vertically to stand out on the trade show floor, featuring a circular design and ceiling graphics.

Display America placed lighting strategically around the display to give a sophisticated, airy feel to the booth. The comfortable couches inside the booth certainly didn’t hurt, either.

Great Lakes Cheese

Great Lakes Cheese wanted to showcase not just its food but its heritage. Their booth includes a custom pagoda that draws attention to its product demo area.

Fabric graphics, laminate counters, and clear refrigeration units highlight the company’s beautiful product. For trade show attendees ready to talk cheddar, this display also includes two semi-private conference rooms.


When Seawatch wanted to bring the ocean to the trade show floor, we said, “Let’s make it happen.” Display America produced a fabric lighthouse to hang above the booth.

The circular design of the booth itself enables the company to serve snacks and give demos.

The exhibit also includes semi-private consultation spaces that can be added or removed depending on the event.

Martin Engineering

Martin Engineering built a stunning trade show display that’s both eye-catching and functional. A fabric cube hangs from the ceiling to grab visitors’ attention. The crown jewel of this exhibit, the double deck, gives visitors more space to explore and chat.

The bottom line

The best way to get new ideas is to learn from companies that embrace innovative display. The limits are your imagination! Partner with a trusted company like Display America to make the impossible possible.

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