Tips to have the best trade show exhibit on the floor

Trade show exhibits are no small investment for your business. When you put in the time to build the perfect trade show display, you want your exhibit marketing to go off without a hitch.

It’s time to think outside the flat banners. Follow these tips to have the best trade show exhibit on the floor, no matter where you go.

5 strategies for amazing trade show exhibits

1. Get visual

In a crowded exhibit area, visual cues are the first way attendees notice you.

No matter your exhibit, always hire a graphic designer to create your display. Combined with quality construction from providers like Display America, this is the first step to getting noticed. It won’t matter how many bells and whistles you add to your booth if it isn’t designed well.

From here, evaluate how creative you want to be. Remember, the more creative your booth, the greater likelihood attendees will flock to you.

See if there’s a relevant theme for your booth. For example, a California-based company might create a beach scene. Look at your product, company name, or location for inspiration.

You don’t have to create a full beach scene to stand out, though. Consider including presentation boards or whiteboards where attendees can doodle or draw. Some exhibitors erect cork boards where attendees can take a side on a fun issue (“Chocolate or vanilla?”) to get the engagement going.

Trade show booth

Other options include creating a photo booth with a custom hashtag and pops, or integrating lights and other A/V elements. The sky’s the limit!

2. Give away amazing freebies

If you’re investing in a beautiful trade show exhibit, you also need to invest in high-quality, craveable freebies.

There’s nothing wrong with pens, but you need something more innovative. You need freebies that make attendees say, “Where did you get that?”

Go beyond magnets and drawstring bags here. Consider giving away food, backpacks, USB car chargers, Post-Its, clever t-shirts, and more.

If you do choose to give away bags, make sure they’re the largest bags on the exhibit floor. Otherwise, attendees will simply stuff your bag inside their other, larger bags.

3. Integrate with media

It’s 2019. We have a world of technology at our fingertips, and it’s time to use it.

Integrate video and other media with your booth. Play a quick “about us” video on a screen at your booth or even with a projector.

For more engagement, install an interactive game on the floor or a flat wall to get attendees to interact and have fun.

Do you podcast or live stream? If so, set up a podcasting stage where you can interview industry experts (who also happen to be your customers) at the event. You can also live stream if you don’t podcast.

Tradeshow exhibit floor

4. Feature your work

Aside from the freebies, attendees go to the exhibit hall to learn more about what you do. Don’t shy away from how great your brand is.

Feature your portfolio as part of the display. Show your past client work and be proud of it. Feature testimonials and case studies as part of your display.

5. Create an experience

Experiences are the hottest trend in marketing right now. Not only do experiences engage customers but they also encourage information retention.

For example, charity: water is a charity that builds lifesaving water wells in developing countries. For their booth, they invited attendees to literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Attendees carried two buckets of water around the large booth for one mile, highlighting the plight of those without access to water.

You don’t need to create a racetrack around your booth, though. Something as simple as a VR headset can help show off your product in new, innovative ways.

Just make sure the experience ties into your brand. Don’t hire trapeze artists if you’re a signage company. Unless you can make a super clear tie between the experience and your brand, it won’t resonate with attendees.

The bottom line

Trade show exhibits are a fun way to interact and mingle with your potential customers face-to-face. The great news is that, with the right booth design, you’ll have attendees flocking to you, not your competitors. Use these five tips to create a stunning, engaging trade show booth that gets attendees talking.

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