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When Display America launched in 2003, there were ideas of where it could go and what it could do for its customers. But the best part of all of this is that we talk the talk. We encourage employee engagement and we practice it - daily. We believe that work should be fun, and it shows. Over time we have strived to operate with the highest integrity, transparency, and goodwill for our not only our customers but our community as well.
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Brand-Driven, Customer-Focused Exhibits, Events and Experiences

Far too many businesses participate in conferences, trade shows and exhibitions merely because they feel they have to or because their competition is doing it. This is a very defensive approach and, quite frankly, we know you are better than that. That’s why our mission at Display America is to design and develop a unique exhibit solution for your company that is strategic, seamless and simple.

A Great Experience with Measurable Results

Trade show attendees want to get involved with and excited about your brand… but if you haven’t done anything to stand out, those potential buyers will walk right by your booth without even noticing you. Founder and President Carlos Quiñones provides a look at how DA helps businesses use interactive technologies and intentional trade show marketing strategies with customer interaction display to stand out from the competition.

It's in Everything We Do

"I’ve finally found a place that really cares about the needs of the customer, and that is so critical in the trade show industry." Every member of the DA team shares in a common passion and vision to see your business succeed on the trade show floor. Hear from those responsible for our strategic, seamless, and simple solutions.

Our Clients

"We have been collaborating with Display America over a span of 10 years and they have consistently provided an excellent quality of services. Their attention to detail, professionalism, dedication for excellency in providing one of the best customer experiences is second to none."

Anne-Marie Fischer
Director Sales and Administration Blue Rabbit Play LLC

Community Involvement

Hurricane Irma and Maria

In the fall of 2017, Hurricane Irma landed in Puerto Rico with the strongest winds the island has ever seen. Not long after, Hurricane Maria’s ferocious 155 mph winds struck the island, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. It is the worst natural disaster on record in Puerto Rico and months later, the island still does not have power and potable water in many areas.

Hurricane Maria first made landfall over the municipality of Yabucoa, affecting the 37,000 residents who call it home. This area bore the strongest brunt of the storm, where hundreds of homes are still in need of basic roof repairs today.

In the interior of the island was also devastated by the storm and became nearly inaccessible for weeks due to landslides and floods. The roughly 30,000 residents in this area continue to see a great need for roofing repair and mold sanitation. The city of Toa Baja suffered not only flooding from the hurricane itself, but the subsequent release of dams, resulting in floodwaters over 10 feet high.

Our Work

Thanks to critical support from partners, like UPS, Walmart, Proforce Equipment, NMSDC, GHCC, Coca Cola, donors, and the local community, our volunteers have been hard at work helping to rebuild these communities. To date, we have delivered more than 100 tons of food, supplies, materials, worked on mucking and gutting projects, debris removal, repairing roofs, performing mold sanitation, critical repairs on windows and doors, and revitalizing a community. We are also focusing on community spaces in need of clean up/repair and will be alongside the community on the long road to recovery. In addition to this, we have been working with local advisers to develop best practices in the field and have recently expanded our work to include repairing corrugated galvanized iron roofs.
We immediately worked with local contractors and volunteers to assist with numerous projects. Repairing homes means repairing the interior of the home and to provide the homeowner with a finished place to live. Repairs are carried out following resiliency guidelines and may include installing drywall, insulation, painting, flooring, and more. Our work is not done yet and we will continue to work hard to take care of our families and communities. Thanks to critical support from partners, donors, local community, and volunteers from around the world, we have been able to run impactful programs in Puerto Rico since September 2017.

Our Impact

After publicly committing to continue working in Puerto Rico until October 2019, our relief efforts in Puerto Rico are still going strong. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, who gave thousands of hours to help rebuild Puerto Rico, we have wrapped up our efforts in Bayamon and Toa Baja. Repairing and rebuilding roofs After continuous efforts and outreach our team learned that a considerable number of other homes sustained roof damage.


Duns: 14-764-1141 Cage#: 32LL1 EIN#: 352214208 NAICS Codes: 561920, 541890, 541850, 339950, 512110, 541430, 493110, 488510, 541613 NMSDC